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Business Consulting ((End-to-End)

Our Business Process Consulting practice helps clients achieve operational excellence. Our domain experts for process analysis and design benchmark client processes against the best in the industry and provide solutions based on the vision of the company. The Business Process Improvement practice is a consortium of business analysts and quality practitioners, who bring in their process improvement experience along with expertise in using analytical tools.
Business Analysis Group
The Business Analysis group is the primary repository of domain knowledge within A2Z SourcE. Our business analysts possess global experience in the financial, telecom, logistics and healthcare domains and have a competent understanding of both business and technology. The team develops customized solutions that deliver tangible value to enterprises. Regular interactions through a virtual team room, encourage knowledge exchange through an e-learning framework.
Quality Consulting
The Quality Consulting group helps companies define and implement world-class software engineering practices and processes, in line with internationally acclaimed process models such as SEI's Capability Maturity Model CMMi, ISO 9001:2000 and SPICE. The rich collective experience and skills of this group has been instrumental in successfully securing CMMi Level 5 and ISO 9001:2000 certifications for organizations.
Develop Customer Centric Charter
Customer Centric Charter is a set of simple, unambiguous, charter statements that sets the standard of service a customer will receive at common points of interaction with the company. It provides senior management with a set of operational controls to drive employee behavior and fine tune the customer experience. This encourages middle management to design and measure operational process in terms of the customer experience being delivered and evaluate existing operational and service improvement initiatives against the charter, while providing focus through customer-oriented targets.