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The global process offshoring transformation continues to create massive change in the world of business. With the proliferation of multiple service channels, increased customer expectations, and challenging revenue objectives, companies are managing costs with surgical precision.
We specialize in selected business processes, leading the way in the following service areas:
  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Support
  • Email/Chat Support
  • Help Desk
  • Data Entry and Processing
  • Data Conversion
  • XML, E-pub & HTML
  • Market Research /Surveys
  • Inbound Tele services
  • Outbound Tele services
  • Data Management
  • Medical Transcription
  • Web Mining
  • Form Filling
  • Software Testing / BETA Testing and Reporting
  • Mobile App testing (all platforms)
  • Customer Sales & Support: Help our clients build stronger relationships with their customers, leveraging multiple channels (phone, mobile, web, branches) in a seamless manner
  • Technical Support Services: Provide customized solutions for off-the-shelf office applications, enterprise applications and integrated systems, backed by a wealth of service management and knowledge management experience forms.
The A2Z SourcE Advantage
A2Z SourcE BPO services are committed to continuous performance enhancements which results in cost and performance benefits. Our value-added outsourcing includes:
  • Scalable Business Process Offerings:We have world-class execution capabilities in selected processes and provide highly customized, scalable business process offerings to meet the requirements of the client.
  • Domain Knowledge:Our deep understanding of the client and their industry enables successful execution of business process outsourcing arrangements.
  • Best Practices:We provide value by implementing best practices distilled out of operational experience in executing client's business processes. Our best practices are those that utilize technology and business procedures for information security and compliance. The HR best practices cover areas such as hiring, training, operational metrics, day-to-day operations, and reward programs.
  • Process Integration and Automation:Analyzing the business process and automating them through technology has obvious advantages. Sustainable competitive advantage comes through the smart use of technology to automate not only parts of the process, but to integrate the entire process and supply chain.
  • Transition Management:In order to make the transition of the client's processes to our centers seamless, a robust transition management methodology has been implemented. Project teams comprise specialists in areas of process analysis, quality assurance, training, security, networking, and systems integration. Our Transition model supports rapid knowledge acquisition, well-managed transition, strong performance management, and productivity improvement.